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Meet Britney 

Britney Algood, DNP-C

Britney Algood is a Certified Nurse practitioner and president of Journey to Health and Wellness. She prides herself on her mission to care for others by actively listening. She cares about your beliefs, values, and opinions. Britney accepts newborns through adult patients.

She is passionate about health prevention and managing chronic conditions. She has a particular interest in Obesity as it contributes to many secondary conditions; her goal is to reduce Obesity in Lorain County, thus reducing the severity of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and more.

She assures that all patients can receive medical care despite any social disparities, socioeconomic status, and regardless of insurance status. Britney treats every person with dignity and respect.

She has been in the healthcare field for over 12 years. She completed her Doctor of Nursing Practice in 2021 from Chamberlain University with honors, She completed her Masters of Nursing Practice with a specialty as a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2015 from Chamberlain University with honors. Britney is Certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioner's. Britney takes pride in a hands-on approach when caring for her patients by remaining easily accessible and promptly responding to her patients with medical concerns.

She encourages patients to participate in their care plan actively. This approach allows her patients to take the driver's seat, with her guidance, through their health journey. Building her patient's confidence not only in her but in themselves and their ability to overcome obstacles.

Why Britney Joined the Healthcare System

"Growing up, I always thought I would be a lawyer or in the business world; in 2007, after I had my son, all of that changed. He was born with a rare condition called Gastroschisis; his stomach wall did not close around his organs. It was a long journey to recovery but he is doing now great. He was in the neonatal intensive care unit, and a huge part of my son's successful recovery is due to the care we received. The nurses and doctors were so compassionate and genuinely cared for my son and me during the process. This compassion moved me to change careers and drove me into the healthcare industry. I felt a desire to give hope to families by assisting them with their health needs in the same fashion these caregivers blessed me".

A Distinctive Clinic with a Unique Logo

When I created this business, my mission was to expand my healthcare knowledge and the community's knowledge. I aim to help people be aware of their differences and find ways to lean on everyone's strengths. By doing this, I believe we can encourage the community to support one another.

The tree-stump road in our logo represents our journey through the growth of knowledge as a community. The butterflies represent the beauty of our destiny after we grow along our journey. The multi-color platform represents the individuality of each person. We are all different, and we all face various obstacles. This ties in directly with the health awareness ribbons, as each color represents a different disease process.

One of my favorite quotes is "Our Fingerprints Never Fade in the Lives We Touch" by Robert Pattinson. The fingerprints in our name signify this. I made them multicolored as I anticipate I will not only leave a mark on the lives of others, but they will also imprint on mine.

The Value of a Nurse Practitioner

"As a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, I have served this community for over three years. One may ask themselves why to choose a Nurse Practitioner over a Physician. There is a shortage of access to healthcare in the United States. Nurse Practitioners are Board Certified and have a broad scope of practice, thus assisting in more access to health care.

I have nearly 12 years of education, coupled with 12 years of hands-on experience in the medical field. In Ohio, Nurse Practitioners are required to have a Collaborating Physician. The physician is available for consultation with the nurse practitioner, within a timely fashion, as needed. The physician also completes chart audits semi-annually, which is required by the Ohio Board of Nursing.

Like a physician, my role is to listen to your concerns, complete an assessment, provide a diagnoses, and manage the diagnosis. I do prescribe medications and perform small office procedures. I also refer to other providers when appropriate.

Is one more valuable than the other? I say it depends on what you value! The difference between a nurse practitioner and a physician is invaluable. Meaning our differences make us stronger as a whole. Comparing physicians to nurse practitioners is like comparing the moon and the sun. To determine which is more valuable is nearly impossible because each has a different purpose, and each contribution is invaluable to our earth."

Learn More about the Value of Nurse Practitioners

Mission Statement


The need to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit;

The need to tailor a clinic to the specific needs of our community;

The need for increased patient awareness of resources contributing to their well-being;


In inspiring patients to take responsibility for their own health;

In the importance of meeting the health needs of the whole person;


That healthcare is not something that is practiced on a person, but rather a joint venture between a healthcare provider and patient;

Vision Statement


To treat all patients with kindness, compassion, and respect;

To earn patients’ trust and work hard to preserve each patient’s dignity as they proceed through the process of regaining their health;

To provide a clinic that fosters and encourages habits of wellness with a culture of supporting anyone's desire to make healthy lifestyle choices;

To encourage patients’ personal and professional productivity, physical and mental well-being;


We are dedicated to establishing and maintaining an environment that promotes general health by supporting the adoption of attitudes that contribute to positive well-being and providing resources, medication, activities and services designed to support our patients with preventative maintenance and healthy lifestyle choices.

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Journey To Health 

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5319 Meadow Lane Court

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Sheffield Village Ohio, 44035

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