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Healthier You

Let us take a stand and fight together. 70% of Adults are overweight or obese, while one in five children battle with being overweight or obese. 

Journey to Health and Wellness is dedicated to reducing Obesity in order to improve your quality of life. For that reason, we are working hand in hand with Journey to Health and Fitness in order to assist the community in this journey. 

We welcome all ages from children to adults.

  1. You must be a patient at Journey to Health and Wellness.
  2. Your goals will be determined by yourself and Britney,  NP. 
  3. You will complete the health and psychological evaluation through the medical clinic. Your healthcare needs will be addressed through the medical facility.
  4. You will be welcome to complete your physical exercise at this fitness center, though you are also welcome to attend whichever gym you would like to. 

Fitness Center Designed for YOU!

Journey to Health and Fitness will be located within the same office as Journey to Health and Wellness.  This service is offered to patients in addition to one on one education regarding nutrition, guidance with physical exercise, and overall wellness. There are three dedicated rooms for fitness.

  • Fitness Room 1:  Some features include aerobic steppers, exercise balls, a mini trampoline, streamed exercise videos, jump ropes, and more.
  • Fitness Room 2:  Some features include an aerobic stepper, equipment for agility, resistance bands, streamed exercise videos, free weights, a punching bag, and more.
  • Fitness Room 3: Some features include an aerobic stepper, a pedal exerciser, a core strength trainer, lower ab workout, water rowing machine, and more.


Our main goal is to provide support and resources regarding weight management, increasing stamina, fat burning, and more. 

This is available for adults and children (adult has to be present with children)

***Disclosure This is not physical therapy, and can not be billed to insurance as such***

This program is designed for our patients to exercise in a comfortable atmosphere with the encouragement and support of our staff. We monitor vitals prior to visit and as needed.

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